Rent a Macbook Air

If you need a ultra mobile and powerful laptop without to spend lots of money, you need to rent a Macbook Air. The best choice for anyone who wants all the quality of Apple software in a super lightweight and portable device.  You can choose to rent daily, weekly or monthly. To rent a Macbook Air is fast and easy. Request a quote.

  • Additional accessories and adapters available.
  • Only 2.96 pounds weight
  • 11 or 13.3 inches screen size

Rent a Macbook Air today.

Easy to clean with a damp cloth, the MacBook Air’s aluminum unibody design is very durable and strong. Easily raise its lid with a single hand and walk amway beacuse it doesn’t droop in any position.
When you rent a Macbook air you will have an easy-to-clean and low maintenance machine.
We also offer other Apple’s equipment for rental as iPhones, iPads and iMacs.

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Benefits of Renting

  • The cost of renting is lower than buying;
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of Aloc, not your business;
  • Renting preserves the business’s working capital. This can be used for reinvestment into the business;
  • You avoid: depreciation, devaluation, and obsolescence of the equipment;
  • Better planning of your business’s cash flow;
  • Reduction in your income tax;
  • The updating of your equipment during your rental period;
  • Maintenance and quick substitution, without the need of budget approval;
  • Immediate substitution in the event of: breakage, loss, or theft;
  • Availability of backup equipment free of charge.