Renting a video wall device is the solution that Aloc offers for areas where the flux of visitors is considerable and continuous. The multiple setup options for size ensure that both the impact of your message and the quality of the information are efficient, in high resolution and fit the size of the room adequately.

Aloc utilizes professional monitors from Samsung and LG, featuring joint sizes ranging from 4,9mm to 11mm, so that it is possible to assemble up to 10×10 monitors on each wall. The installation of the video wall is operated by qualified professionals, in order to guarantee the perfect alignment of the panels and synchronicity while playing the content. This is the reason why Aloc takes care of the equipment transportation both on delivery than on pickup, as well as of its installation.

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LG Video Wall

Model EU-46, 11mm joint.

Samsung Video Wall 46 Inch

Videowall Samsung

Modelo EU-46, com junção de 11mm.

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